Inbound marketing is taking the world of advertising by storm. A well-designed inbound marketing campaign can increase leads and profits at a much lower cost than those associated with traditional marketing tactics. We’ve compiled 10 reasons for which your company should give inbound marketing a try.

1. It is cost-effective.

Inbound marketing showcases a company’s expertise – creating a website or social media is inexpensive (or even costless), and pre-existing employees are able to generate its content. Inbound marketing costs a fraction of the price of outbound marketing.

2. It generates quality leads.

A quality lead refers to a person who is seeking the product or service that your company offers. Because inbound marketing brings in only those with an interest in your areas of expertise, you are more likely to generate clientele. By producing free, high-quality content, you will gain social media, blog, and email update followers who you would not have connected with before. The more people who sign up to follow these outlets, the more people you will be able to reach out to personally. Outbound marketing targets a broader audience, you therefore pay more to reach a large number of uninterested people.

3.) It develops long-term relationships.

When consumers decide to follow your social media, blog, or email updates, you develop a relationship with them based on the continuous delivery of high-quality content. Your followers get to know your company and its offerings, especially if you add products or services. This will keep existing customers in the loop and prospective customers informed of how you can help them.

4. It builds trust, credibility, and brand awareness.

Inbound marketing gives interested consumers free access to quality content without asking anything in return. This gives even the smallest companies the ability to gain worldwide recognition. By continuously giving potential clients dependable, reliable information, you are building a relationship and reputation with these consumers. Then, when they are confident in your competence, they can make the leap toward purchasing your product or service.

5. It is accessible.

Websites do the humanly impossible: they work 24/7, 365 days per year. The content your company develops and publishes as part of its inbound marketing campaign stays present on your website or social media outlets until you choose to remove it. This means your content is easily accessible to anybody at any time. This is attractive to potential customers because it so easy to immediately see what your company has to offer them.

6. It counts you in.

Did you know that 50% of customers spend 75% or more of their total shopping time conducting online research? In today’s day and age, if your company does not participate in inbound marketing, consumers will count you out. Inbound marketing puts your name on the map and gives potential customers a taste of what your company has to offer against its competitors.

7.)It aids in keeping up with competitors.

One benefit of inbound marketing is the ability to watch your website’s traffic patterns. Many companies are able to see when their competitors run outbound marketing campaigns because they experience a spike in visitors to their own pages. Recall the figure from point #6. When consumers are targeted through outbound marketing, they feel they must research their options before deciding to buy. For this reason, they visit your website. Once seeing your company’s inbound marketing content (which has established your expertise and credibility), they may opt to give you their business instead of your competitors.

8. Inbound customers are more likely to leave you a good review.

The customers who research using search engines are likely more tech-savvy than those who simply give their business to the first company to reach out to them. Because of their Internet capabilities, these customers are better equipped to write and post a testimonial outlining your second-to-none service, expertise, and credibility!

9. It boosts group morale.

Developing content for your company’s inbound marketing campaign can take a lot of teamwork. Allowing your team to share ideas, work together, and pool resources will not only result in the highest quality content, but in a closer-knit and more efficient group of coworkers!

10. It is the way of the future.

In today’s day and age, presentation is everything. Consumers want to hire companies that are modernized. By employing inbound marketing strategies, potential customers will be able to see that your company is up-to-date with and in-the-know about contemporary concepts – even if it’s something as simple as inbound marketing.

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