Gerry Carew

Gerry Carew

Director of Business Development

Gerry has been digitally driven since 1999 when he was the first person in St. John’s to sell advertising exclusively on the web a traditional media organization. He has worked with radio, print, video and digital advertising starting in 1993 after completing a BComm from MUN. He is keen on digital education as a means of improving people’s business. Gerry loves the thrill of helping clients understand the digital landscape and how that can improve their business. Gerry is an avid gardener, hockey, baseball and Golf fan, and a family man who loves the province we call home.


Food: Rice in any form
Hobby: Golf or being on the water
TV Show: Grace and Frankie
Podcast: Gale Force Wins
Place: Montreal and San Francisco


  • Once served in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserves
  • Once sat next to Peter C. Newman at a Naval mess dinner in British Columbia
  • Used to figure skate