Jessica Owens

Jessica Owens

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jessica has always had a keen interest in all things marketing. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Memorial University. Jessica has been working with the public since 2016 and has over a year of experience in marketing due to her position as a receptionist at a nail salon. She is always ready for a challenge and enjoys pushing herself to the limits.

She also enjoys fishkeeping and loves anything to do with the ocean. Fish from big to small, she loves them all! Cephalopods are her all-time favorite. She aspires to someday go deep-sea diving.


Food: Hashbrown Casserole
Hobby: Playing volleyball
TV Show: Attack on Titan
Podcast: Don’t really have one!
Place: The great outdoors!


  • Has played sports pretty much her whole life
  • Loves insects (bees are her favourite)
  • Has a dog named Tinkerbell