Sophia Rowe

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sophie is a Memorial University student completing her Bachelor of Commerce with a focus in Marketing. She’s completed 2 work terms at Newfound Marketing and is happy to be learning all she can from the team. Sophie has been involved with the arts her entire life, and thinks this has had a direct impact on the paths she’s taken throughout her work and school career. Not unlike the majority of her generation, Sophie has a big interest in social media, more specifically; emerging trends in social media. Sophie also has an interest in search engine optimization, blog writing, and website design. She feels that working at Newfound has given her the same sense of creative expression she got from her artistic endeavours growing up, only this time, on a digital scale.


Food: Sushi
Hobby: Hiking
TV Show: Black Mirror
Podcast: Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
Place: New York


  • Was once a cruise ship performer
  • Olives are one of her favourite foods
  • When she was 5, she got lost in Disney World on the 4th of July