The challenges of promoting your physiotherapy (PT) practice arise due to the industry’s reliance on word of mouth from reliable sources. Subsequently, finding ways to boost your reputation and credibility – in a cost-effective manner – is essential. This is […]

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Every HVAC company aims to have customers trooping in and out. Nobody ever said, “We have to reduce the number of our customers!”.

Meanwhile, people no longer rely on print ads and word of mouth to find the services they need. One of the ways people find out about companies is by searching for them online. In fact, about 97% of consumers find out about businesses in their area through Google and online searches!

What does this mean for you as an HVAC company?

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Generating leads is, by and large, one of the most important aspects of being a construction company. Yet, as every construction worker very well knows, generating online leads can become both time-consuming and expensive. Lead generation for construction companies is hugely important, but due to the stiff competition within the industry, it’s often difficult. The online world is far too profitable and opportunistic to ignore. 

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