Is your website rocking it on mobile? Google has been testing serving up different search results on mobile than it does on desktop, which means if your site isn’t killing it there, your site traffic could suffer from lowered rankings. Here are five things you can do to check your site’s mobile-readiness while the coffee pot’s brewing.

1. Do a Mobile-Friendly Test

Google has a very straight-forward, to the point, mobile site checker. It operates on a pass/fail system. How’d your site do?

-> Google Mobile-Friendly Test

2. Pass? Skip to Step 3. If not…

You’ve got some work to do. We can help with that.

3. Check Your Structured Data

Structured data can tell Google more about the kinds of data you have on your site. It only works in your favourite if you get it right though. Check for any warnings or error with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. If you’re not sure how to fix any errors, give us a shout.

4. Verify Your Site in Google Search Console

Verifying your site gives you access to private Google search data and tools to ensure that your site is being crawled correctly. If you haven’t already, go verify your site. Mobile site too, if it’s a different URL from your main site.

5. Dominate Those Searches

Give yourself a pat on the back, go get that freshly brewed coffee, and maintain your search dominance on mobile.

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