Promotion Extensions launched in November 2017. After adding the extension into a couple campaigns, we at Newfound Marketing have come to the conclusion that they NEED to be used by all E-Commerce businesses and realistically, any business that can offer a sale.

Promotion Extensions provide advertisers with the opportunity to insert a snippet into their text ads highlighting their sale. This provides advertisers with the opportunity to attract potential prospects to click-through to your website. By adding promotion extensions highlighting certain sales for our clients we have seen CTR increase by 5-7 percent. That’s crazy. With this type of increase, an advertiser can improve their Quality Score resulting in a lower CPC and the opportunity for an ad to show more in search results.

How to Set Up Promotion Extensions

To set up your promotion extensions head over to the new AdWords experience and click on Ad Extensions.  If you’re not much of a reader, check out my promotion extension tutorial below.

Customize Your Promotion Extensions

Once there, you have the opportunity to make your customize your own Promotion Extension. You have 20 characters to describe the products that you have for sale. You can choose the occasion of the sale, if it’s a monetary or percent discount, and when the sale starts and ends.

As you can see, I have chosen my occasion, products, and dates for the sale. It’s a very simple process and one that you should take advantage of.

One thing I would recommend is to make sure that you keep these extensions short and to the point. Having long extensions usually cause people to skim over the text itself. Therefore, if too many people do not click through from your ad and the promotion extension is enabled, then Google will show the extension less.

Promotion Extension Video Tutorial


Promotion Extensions need to be added to your AdWords strategy. The opportunity to put your sale in front of people who haven’t even viewed your site increases your opportunity to improve CTR and sales. If you need any help setting these up, be sure to Contact Us.