Creating a Facebook Page and starting from scratch with zero followers can be a little daunting — especially when you’re comparing yourself to other businesses whom already have hundreds or thousands of “likes.” However, keep in mind that these businesses have likely already spent a significant amount of time growing their audiences, and perhaps have even invested a large amount of money to do so.

The good news is that it’s easy to get the ball rolling! Let’s start with the basics.

Fill Out Your Info as Detailed as Possible

First thing’s first: make sure your Facebook Page is incredibly detailed and informative. You really don’t want people to start liking your page before you have any data shared at all! Make sure you have a sharp logo and cover photo all ready to go, and fill in every section of your profile (where applicable): address, phone number, email address, and a well-written About section.

Post a warm welcome greeting to your Page immediately, and then start building content from there. New users will want to know that you’re consistently publishing great stuff.

Invite Your Friends and Family

Hopefully, your friends and family are supportive of your endeavours. Facebook makes it easy to invite people to “like” your Page — on the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see a button to “Invite Friends” in the Community section. Just locate the people you think might be interested, and send them an invite!

If you’re working as a team, ask your co-workers and employees to also invite their friends and family to like the Page. They can do this even if they’re not administrators of the Page!

Cross Post On Your Other Social Channels

Assuming you have already set up other social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), be sure to share the link to your Facebook Page across all your networks — especially if one of your social channels is already strong and engaged.

If possible, offer something different on your Facebook Page. Will you be sharing more video-heavy content here, or more photography? Will you offer exclusive sales deals and specials? You’re less likely to attract more people if you’re constantly sharing the same content across all your social channels. Offer something different!

Leverage Your Mailing List and Email

Mailing lists are valuable for so many reasons, but especially when you’re trying to reach your most dedicated, tuned-in customers and clients. When you’ve set up your Facebook Page, send out an email blast inviting people to follow your content there. Make it exciting and engaging — offer a sneak peek at what kind of content you’ll be sharing.

Before you send off an email, however, make sure you already have some content shared on your Page. That way, people can get a sense of what you’re all about.

Finally, put a call to action in your email signature — whether it’s a social media icon, or a simple “Follow Us On Facebook!” with a link directing to your Page.

Start a Contest

Everybody loves an opportunity to win cool stuff! And Facebook makes it easy to host a contest that will get people talking. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen a contest in action, perhaps hosted by a Page you’ve liked.

Create some buzz by giving away some of your products. Are you selling apparel? Give away a gift card! Restaurants can give away meals, or if you’re more service based, offer a free session. If none of those options align with your business, collect some local products you love (or perhaps even from partners you work with) to give away as a gift basket. The investment is worth it.

Of course, certain promotions have many restrictions on Facebook, so do your research first. You’ll want to be clear in your guidelines — especially to keep your fans happy. Certain softwares offer tons of aid with this, including ShortStack. You’ll have to pay, but you can pause your membership at any time.

Want some help crafting the perfect Facebook contest? Give us a shout.

Make Sure You Have the Facebook “Like” Call to Action On Your Website

You won’t find too many websites or blogs without the “like” button displayed front and centre these days — this little button gives viewers an easy option of finding your Page and following it.

In fact, when potential customers or clients are looking to contact you, there’s a good chance they’ll reach out via your Facebook Page first. According to eDigitalResearch, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels in customer service, and is much preferred to picking up a phone and dialing a business. Phones just aren’t cool anymore!

Invest a Little in Targeted Ads

Once you’ve started regularly (and consistently) sharing content on your Facebook Page, start considering investing a little bit of cash in targeted ads. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can entirely customize them to suit your budget — and with a smartly targeted ad, you can easily gain 100 new followers with as little as $50 invested.

That’s it! Facebook Page’s management tools make it easier than ever to get build your following, and with a little creativity and hard work, you’ll have thousands of followers in no time. Don’t get discouraged — sometimes all it takes is finding the right message or moment to blow up your Facebook Page with likes and engagement. Have fun with it!

Want a little help putting this plan into action? Give us a shout!

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