Every HVAC contractor knows the benefits of being easily accessible to customers. This used to mean getting on the Yellow Pages, billboards, Newspaper adverts, and other traditional forms of marketing. Those methods are now outdated, and digital marketing has become the bane of accessibility and lead generation.

So, whether you’re trying to grow an existing HVAC company or setting up a new one, you’ll need a solid digital marketing plan to help you outrank your competitors and stay visible to potential clients. Google advertising is the solution you need to achieve this. It is a critical aspect of an HVAC marketing plan that can help you generate solid leads. This is because Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and potential customers will always turn to it to find nearby services.

The Importance of Google Ads for HVAC Companies

Google transcends its role as a mere search engine to become a go-to source for urgent solutions. In scenarios like a broken heater during a freezing winter night or an air conditioner malfunctioning amidst a scorching summer, people instinctively turn to Google to find dependable HVAC services in their vicinity. Utilizing Google Ads skillfully positions your HVAC business at the forefront of these search results. This strategic placement ensures that when potential customers are in need of the services you provide, your company is prominently displayed in their search results, capturing their attention at the critical moment.

Understanding the Search Behavior of HVAC Clients

The search for HVAC services is often driven by specific, urgent needs rather than generic inquiries. Prospective clients are likely to input precise phrases such as “urgent AC repair” or “install energy-efficient heating system nearby” into their search queries. To effectively engage with this audience, your HVAC business must have a strong presence in these targeted search results. Google Ads empowers you to achieve this, enabling you to connect directly with potential customers who are in active pursuit of the exact HVAC solutions you offer.

So, how can you leverage Google ads to get clients for your HVAC business?

Getting Started With Google Advertising

Having a Google Ads account gives you access to several ad channels for your business. The most commonly used are:

  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Local Services Ads

Google Display Ads

Google display ads are those banner ads that stay around the perimeter of websites. They are used to create brand awareness and help you stay on top of the mind of potential customers. They also help with re-marketing because they mostly display to individuals who have previously engaged with your brand on social media. How does this work? When people search for a particular product or service, the keyword they use sort of activates your ad to ‘follow’ them. Next thing, they start seeing your ad on every website they visit. Display ads are prices on a pay-per-click basis and when clicked, they lead potential customers to your website’s landing page, prompting them to take action.

Google Search Ads

These are the most common types of Google Ads. They appear similar to organic search results and can be found at the top of search results pages on Google. Search ads are mainly used to reach customers who are ready to engage your services. They help you create different campaigns to target customers from different locations and with different interests. For example, you can target an ad to reach customers searching for a new air conditioning system and target another ad to reach customers searching for HVAC maintenance services.

Each ad or campaign requires specific keywords or search terms. Keywords are very important because they are a crucial aspect of search ads that trigger your ads to display when a customer searches for services you offer. You can find the right keywords to use through thorough keyword research. Keyword research also helps you identify keywords that you do not want your ads to pop up for. It helps you manage your budget better and increases your chances of a better ROI.

Google Search Ads also works on a pay-per-click model and usually leads prospective customers to your website’s landing page with a CTA that prompts them to call, text, or email your business.

Google Local Services Ads

These types of Google ads offer more benefits for HVAC companies. They are very different from display and search ads, and they typically consist of a virtual business card. This business card shows your business name, service location, client reviews, and open hours. They are targeted at customers who are searching for the specific service you offer in your immediate location/area. This means that local service ads end up having a higher conversion rate.

Unlike display and search ads, Google local services work on a cost-per-lead model. This means you only get charged for leads that actually reach out to you. This is more cost-effective and an excellent way to ensure that your ad spend actually converts. The display mode of local service ads also makes it easy for customers to learn about your business and reach you with just one click. They do not need to scroll through your website to schedule an appointment.

How To Use Google Ads for HVAC Companies

1. Understand Customer Intent

The first step to creating Google ads that convert is to understand the intention of prospective customers. When searching for HVAC services in their location, they will use common keywords and phrases. Some examples are: “affordable AC company near me”, “AC emergency repair in X location.” Understanding what your customers might be searching for is key to helping you set up your ads with the right keywords. You can do this by putting yourself in their shoes and doing in-depth keyword research. Some common HVAC search keywords include reliable, affordable, near me, and emergency.

2. Write Catchy Ads

A unique Google ad requires way more than good keywords and positioning. It needs to be catchy, attention-grabbing, and interesting to look at. As mentioned above, you’ll need to think like the customer. Ask yourself: What type of ads would I respond to if I were looking for an HVAC company? What kind of ad results would catch my eye? This can help you determine the best copy for your ads. Some tips for writing catchy ad copy include:

  • Highlighting targeted offers and services – This can include sales, discounts, free consultations, or any unique service you offer. This will be a great opportunity to mention your company’s value proposition.
  • Using catchy questions in the headlines – Many customers use questions to search for solutions. Hence, phrasing your ad copy in the form of a question is a great way to get their attention. For example, customers tend to search for questions like “Why is my AC making a grinding noise?” or “Why does my heater smell funny?”. You could phrase your ads with questions such as “Is your AC unit making a banging noise?” or “Does your heater smell weird?” Then you include information about how you can help fix it and how they can reach you.
  • Including the keywords in the ad copy – Including the keywords used in your campaign in the ad copy will make Google display your ads to even more relevant customers.
  • Using a call to action – Always include a specific call-to-action at the end of your ad copy. This directs potential customers to reach out to you immediately.

3. Improve Your Landing Page

No matter how catchy your ad copy is and how many relevant keywords you use, your customers will not reach out to you if your landing page is not appealing. You want to ensure that your landing page is easy to use and includes all the information customers need to contact you or request your services. Also, your landing page has to load fast, as a slow-loading page will increase your bounce rate. You can further optimize your landing page by including the keywords you used in your campaign.

4. Leverage Ad Extensions

As with other businesses, HVAC companies can leverage the benefits of ad extensions for campaigns. These extensions help manage your campaigns and guide your conversions better. They can help give customers adequate information about your services and delivery process and serve as visible call-to-actions on the search results page. The most popular ad extension is the call extension. It helps potential customers to contact you quickly.

5. Use Google My Business

Google My Business allows customers who live within your service area to easily find your business online. It is easy to set up, and you can use it to share directions, opening hours, and contact information with prospective customers. It also allows people to search for your location using zip codes. Once this is set up, it automatically optimizes any ad campaigns you run, making it even more easier for customers in your area to find you.

6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that can help you reach potential customers. It can be in form of video content or blogs and articles on your website. These content forms help you tell your story, share helpful tips and engage your clients in a way that builds trust. It is also helpful for convincing clients who are reluctant to choose your services. Now, you do not need to be an expert to write articles or make videos. All you need is knowledge about your skills and services, and you’re good to go. You could start with simple topics like explaining how cooling systems work. You could also create behind-the-scenes type videos or a day in the life of an HVAC contractor type video. These types of content will add a personal touch to your brand and automatically make you likable.

Keyword research is also important here. Including the right keywords in your articles and videos will help your website rank higher on Google and other search engines. It’ll also automatically optimize your ad results when potential clients are redirected to your website.

Streamline Your HVAC Business With Google Ads

Using the tips outlined above, you should be able to create HVAC Google Ads that convert and increase your company’s revenue. Note that the best Google Ads are those that enhance important details, have an appealing copy, and use relevant keywords.

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