The world of eCommerce offers an incredible amount of freedom and opportunity for businesses, especially for those who are taking advantage of eCommerce digital marketing tools to enhance their online lead generation and sales.

The touchpoints and data collected through eCommerce exceed that of brick and mortar shopping by quality and quantity. ECommerce websites allow you to follow the entire customer journey through backend analytics and digital tracking. This, in turn, helps you narrow down your key customers and best-performing platforms and lead generation tools. 

This article will guide you on how to generate sales online. Wondering how to take advantage of these tools for a marketing tactic to increase online sales for your business? We’ll provide you with expert strategies to optimize your online store for qualified lead generation and brand awareness using digital marketing sales techniques and tools. If you’re not already doing the following for your eCommerce store, you really should be.

1. Facebook Advertising to Online Shoppers

Facebook Ads allow you to target potential customers who frequently shop online. This is an incredible feature that helps narrow down your target audience and reaches users who will actually take action online and increase conversion rates. This can be further optimized when used with Facebook’s online shopping campaign objectives, which helps optimize your budget and bidding strategy for online shoppers. 

If you’re unfamiliar with using Facebook Ads and would like some tips, we have a blog post to help you.

2. Developing eCommerce goals in Google Analytics & Google Ads

Most eCommerce platforms, such as shopify and woo-commerce, can be connected directly to Google Analytics. This makes tracking online driven sales easy. You can trace each step of the buying process from viewing a product to putting an item in their shopping cart through your Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms. You can even dig down to the exact keyword that resulted in the sale. 

This is key for determining which campaign types, ads, and even individual keywords generate the most sales for your business. With this information you can also make informed changes to optimize your landing pages, search engine marketing strategies, email marketing, and content marketing strategies for online sales.

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3. Enable Instagram Shopping Tags

Within the past few years, Instagram has introduced a shopping tags tool within images. This allows business accounts to tag their products within their own images. This tag brings users who are interested in your products directly to a page where they can view, share, or save the item within the Instagram App. From the product page, users are also directed to your website where they can move forward with the purchasing process. 

This seamless blend of Instagram and eCommerce is a very easy and effective way to boost sales through social media.


4. Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are extremely powerful as they appear in the #1 ranked position after a user search. Operated through Google Merchant Centre, Google analyzes your product’s description to determine which search terms the product will appear. 

Google Shopping combines Search and Display ads by providing users with both a product image and a text description. Shopping Ads are also proven to convert 30% more than regular text ads. You can rest assured knowing your product or service shopping ads are always being shown to users interested in buying. If you sell online, shopping ads are undoubtedly for you, and should not be overlooked by your sales team.

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Having a well-rounded digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce business is fundamental to its success. A solid strategy can increase your sales and overall leads, while also providing you with critical insights into your consumer’s online buying habits. For inspiration, check out this list of top Shopify website designers, according to DesignRush.

Here at Newfound Marketing, we provide a thorough consultation and personalized digital marketing solutions for eCommerce businesses. For more information or ideas on how to generate online leads and sales for your eCommerce business, pop us a message!