Instagram Reels is the platforms fastest growing feature! Reels are garnering higher engagement and reach than traditional static posts and are an essential piece of a business’s Instagram strategy. Not to be outperformed by the rise of TikTok, Instagram now allows you to create up to 90-second videos set to music for sharing on your story and the Explore page.

This is exciting news for businesses-Instagram Reels gives you the opportunity to communicate and engage with your audience to create original content on a newer, wider stage, in creative ways. 

How to Use Instagram Reels

A womans recording a video of herself using an iPhone

Step One: Making Your Instagram Reel

To create an Instagram Reel, open your Instagram camera using the + symbol, and select “Reels”. There are multiple editing tools you can use to edit your video, with effects, stickers, filters, and audio. Select a pre-recorded video from your photo gallery, or use the Reels camera to record clips through the Instagram app.

To record a new video, simply press and hold the record button at the bottom of the screen. To end your short-form video clip, release the capture button. See below for the options to edit your own Instagram reel:

Camera options on Instagram including Reels, Posts, Story, Story Highlight, and Guide
The open Instagram Reels camera
  1. Audio: Using the Instagram music library or your own, choose a song to add to your reel. Alternatively, you can use the original audio from the video itself. Further, you can select “use audio” from someone else’s reel as well, given that account is public. Visit HeyOrcas blog for a weekly list of the top trending audios for TikTok and Reels.
  2. AR Effects: Scroll through the effects and filters available on Instagram to give your reel a creative touch.
  3. Speed: If you want a slow-mo effect added to your reel, choose which speed you want to play your video at.
  4. Timer and Countdown: Instagram users can also add a self-timer that can be set so that you can record your videos hands-free.

Step Two: Sharing Your Instagram Reel

Once you’ve made and edited your video, it’s time to share it with the world. If you have a private account, then Instagram allows you to share your creation with your followers either on your story or on your feed. If you have a public account, you’re able to share the reels to the Explore page, and expose your brand to a larger audience. Then, you can even add hashtags so that your reel appears on the search for that particular hashtag.

A Reel ready to be shared to Instagram.
  1. Go to the share screen
  2. Add caption, cover image and hashtags as you would for a regular Instagram post
  3. Choose the audio you’d like to use
  4. Click share

After your reel has been shared, it will appear as a featured reel in the “Reels” tab of your Instagram profile. If you share the reel to your feed, it will also show on your Instagram grid, however, can be deleted from your grid if you wish.

Tip: to keep up with the latest trends in your industry, head over to the Explore page and search for content using relevant hashtags

If you have your Instagram account set to public and share your reel to the Instagram Explore page, you could be “Featured”. Having this label indicates that your video has been chosen for certain accounts to browse as discoverable content.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business

Instagram Reels are fun to make and share with your friends, but they bring good news for businesses, too. Reels serves as a platform for companies to display their products, share educational content, and communicate with their audience in a new and engaging way.

A woman is getting ready to record a demonstration.

Share Educational Content

  • Use Instagram Reels to share educational content with your followers. Choosing a specific topic that you are well-versed in, sets your business apart as a thought leader in that subject.

  • The Reels short loop is the perfect place to quickly touch on topics that might interest your followers. Use the short video clip as a hook for leads to take a deeper dive into your content and product or service.

Display Products, Services and Customer Reviews

  • Businesses can use Instagram Reels to showcase their service or product offerings in fun and innovative ways, using the video platform as a quick way to spread their brand with customers and followers.

  • Companies can also use Instagram Reels to showcase customer reviews, by creating a multi-clip reel. Now that products and services are likely to be bought online, and even through your Instagram shop, this is especially important.

Communicate With Your Audience

  • Having another way to communicate with your audience and encourage engagement is always beneficial. You could ask questions or direct your followers to the comment section, which will open the door for you to carry on the conversation and begin to convert leads.

Become Featured on the Explore Page

  • Instagram Reels can be a great way for businesses to be discovered by new leads. If you get your content featured, it is shown to an audience that the Instagram algorithm deems suitable, and would be interested in your product or service.

Will you be incorporating Reels into your client’s social strategy? If so, let us know what tip was the most helpful for you down below! Visit our Instagram account for more Instagram Reels tips and tricks for busy businesses and agencies!

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