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We created our vendor profile on the B2B review platform Clutch to better introduce us to the market. After soliciting some of our clients to share their thoughts on our work, we’re proud to say that we’ve published our first review.

The organization we were working with for this project is the local YMCA which needed help with its digital marketing. Their goal was to increase their sales, and revenue, and get more people involved with the group.

Our team was recommended to them by one of their volunteers and they selected us after receiving our proposal for the engagement. In addition to digital marketing, we were also involved with creating the client’s website as well as managing their communications strategy.

There are many more details that we don’t have time to go through here. But those interested in getting more information can read the full review on our Clutch profile. The five-star rating we received should be a good indicator of what the client thought about our performance.

While all of these are great developments in their own right, there’s one more we want to highlight. Thanks to the score we got for this project, our team was included on a top 100 web designers in Canada list on Top Design Firms.

They are a B2B platform that showcases top firms in various industries. Our inclusion in one of their lists means we’re easier to find for potential clients, and our chances of getting chosen for projects rises significantly.

The fact that this comes from the publication of a single review is great news for us. Our team is excited to see what opportunities present themselves once we publish more.

We have the skills to make any project a reality. All we need is the opportunity to show a wider audience what we can do. We believe we now have that chance with this listing.

Learn more about our services and how they can apply to your own operations by visiting our website. Reach out to us about your next project and we can talk about the best way of making it happen.