On February 7th, 2013 we had the pleasure of introducing members of the St. John’s Board of Trade with a one and half hour lunch and learn on “Twitter for Extreme Beginners

During the sessions we helped members with the following:

  • Creating a twitter account
  • Adding a profile photo
  • How to follow people and brand on twitter
  • How to send a tweet
  • How to reply to a tweet
  • The difference between a direct message and a tweet
  • What is a hashtag
  • How to Retweet

During the session, we also decided to use the hastag #businessnl as a way of discussing important topics related to business in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you are on twitter, please join the conversation.

If you missed this session and would love to learn more about twitter for business, please contact us as we provide on-site training as well as training via Google Hangout and Skype.