After 21 years as a commercial sea urchin diver, Shawn Bath grew increasingly troubled by the amount of trash he saw littering the bottoms of Newfoundland harbours. In July 2018, he decided to do something about it. Since creating Clean Harbours Initiative, Shawn has devoted his passion and energy to cleaning the harbours around Newfoundland, with a goal of removing 100,000 tires and 10,000 ghost nets, and 1,000,000 lbs of ocean trash.

The Challenge

Clean Harbour Initiative was starting from scratch with only a Facebook page as their internet presence. Featured in the upcoming documentary, Hell or Clean Water, they needed a website of their own soon.

The Solution

Armed with only a logo, we got to work and built a WordPress site that they can manage from anywhere in the province (or world). It gives them a central place where people can read about the good work Shawn is doing and gives them the option to get involved or donate to the cause.