MacMorran Community Centre

The MacMorran Community Centre is a central hub for people of all ages offering a variety of programs and services to support the local community and foster a prosperous environment of friendship that creates lasting memories. Dedicated to their mission, the MacMorran Community Centre is committed to providing access and equal opportunity for community members to participate in social, health, recreational and educational programs and services.

The Challenge

With no prior website, the MacMorran Community Centre needed to create an online presence from the ground up. The intention was to create a space for them to answer frequently asked questions, advertise their rentals, and display their programs and services. We also wanted to use this opportunity to design a website that conveyed a sense of personality that properly represented the goals and values of the MacMorran Community Centre.

The Solution

Using a small, modern WordPress site, we created a website to act like a brochure. A functional, accessible place that works well on both desktop and mobile devices and properly communicates all necessary information to their frequent visitors and potential new guests.

The Results

We were proudly able to provide the MacMorran Community Centre with a responsive, friendly website that conveys their programs, services, and events in a clear and concise manner, while also shedding light on the fun and friendly atmosphere of the centre itself. We also made sure to leave them with an easy-to-use “upcoming events” section where the team at the MacMorran can post about any events that are happening or any last minute changes that may be made. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic organization and look forward to seeing what good things they continue to do for our community in the future.

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MacMorran Community Centre

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