Michelle Mailhiot Psychotherapy

Michelle Mailhot is a Registered Psychotherapist who serves all of Ontario and Newfoundland.  She works with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma, adults, and children diagnosed with ADHD, as well as family and couples therapy.

The Challenge

Michelle was starting a new business with no existing assets. We helped her get a brand kit developed and discover her brand voice. She needed some help putting what she did down on paper and organizing it for a website. One of our specialties! We also knew the site would need to integrate with Jane, an online platform for health and wellness practitioners for booking, charting, scheduling, and billing.

The Solution

We knew it was important to deliver a website that matched Michelle’s calming presence and authenticity for her new business A field of waving lupins was our design jumping-off point. We built a mobile-friendly WordPress site based on a calming colour palette. We used the image of lupins throughout the site to tie different sections together and give the site a cohesive look. We organized the site content to help potential clients self-select based on their reasons for seeking help. With our training session, Michelle is now empowered to manage the content of her website going forward.

Project Details

Skills Needed: