My Strength Society

Coach Nigel Cooke was starting a brand new business but needed help on the technical side to make his vision a reality. He wanted to offer 4-week training programs to youth that would help them build physical and mental strength for life.


My Strength Society needed to be more than a website. It needed to be an online portal where members could access Coach Cooke’s calendar for booking their consultation calls. It also needed to connect them to a streaming video platform where pre-recorded workouts would be uploaded as part of their program. It would also house a blog and connect to a mailing list. Finally, it had to provide a way for people to sign up either for a one-time 4-week program or to a monthly membership.

The Solution

After considering Zoom, YouTube, and other video options, we landed on Uscreen as an affordable way for My Strength Society to host video workouts for members only. The platform handles all payments and member logistics while the accompanying WordPress site connects members to the mailing list and consultation bookings along with the blog and a library of free videos.

Project Details

Skills Needed: