Rasta VIP Tours

Rasta VIP Tours specializes in crafting unforgettable experiences that showcase the natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventurous spirit of their Jamaican paradise. From awe-inspiring waterfalls to vibrant coral reefs, immerse yourself in the wonders of Ocho Rios as they guide you on an extraordinary journey tailored to your interests and passions.

The Challenge

When they came to us, Rasta VIP Tours had a simple DIY website that wasn’t wowing potential customers and didn’t make it easy to find tour options let alone book one. They’ve been operating in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for over 20 years but wanted to extend their reach and get people signed up for tours while they were still in their trip-planning stage.

The Solution

We paired up a mobile-friendly WordPress website with a tour booking platform. The two together let them advertise their tours as well as manage the day-to-day operation and take payments online for advanced bookings. We used a lot of colour and eye-catching header photos to convey the excitement guests would feel when they visited. It was important that we incorporate the Rastafarian colours and we were happy to oblige.

The Results

Rasta VIP Tours now has a website and online booking system that can compete with anyone else in their region. They can manage it all right from a phone on the dock as well, which makes us pretty happy.

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Rasta VIP Tours