Spindrift Brewing was born and raised on the East Coast of Canada. They take pride in their land, sea, and people – letting them shape who they are and the beer they brew. They embody their passion for the East Coast and craft beer in all that they do, whether it be the stories they tell, the beers they brew, or the people they surround themselves with.

The Challenge

Spindrift Brewing had a basic website presence but, when the pandemic lockdown came, a surge in online traffic and the need to efficiently take and process home delivery orders became paramount. Instead of using an outsourced order processor, they wanted to bring everything into one place with a robust site that embodied their coastal brand.

The Solution

We used WordPress and wooCommerce to bring all of their digital elements into one place. The site better represents their East Coast brand and also allows them to manage their own content and order processing. Visitors can now learn about the different beers that Spindrift brews, including pairing options and the ability to check in directly on Untappd.

Along with their beer, they now have an online outlet for their new merchandise such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. With wooCommerce capabilities, there’s no limit to what they can now sell online and ship across Canada.