eCommerce Consulting

By Newfound Marketing

Unlock your online store’s full potential with expert coaching and take your business to new heights.

Shopify currently has the largest eCommerce platform market share in the USA, with nearly one in three online businesses using it to power their stores.

But when it comes to successful online shops, there is no easy button. (Sorry.)

Successful stores are complicated, but Shopify has worked hard to make the process look simple on the surface. Maybe you have a handle on the basics and know enough to do well enough. But we can give you the tools and knowledge that will truly take things to the next level.


What if you could…

  • Sell products 24/7, even while you binge your latest Netflix obsession…

  • Expand your customer base beyond your local neighbourhood markets…

  • Do away with the endless back and forth of selling via Instagram DMs…

  • Automatically reach out to repeat customers you haven’t seen in awhile…

  • Keep your shop open no matter what’s happening in the outside world…

  • Build a sustainable and thriving business to create the life of your dreams…

eCommerce Consulting is our completely customized personal coaching system for optimizing your eCommerce business so you can work less, and live more.

You’ll meet one-on-one with our eCommerce consultants for 60-minute weekly calls for as few or as many weeks as you need. This also includes:

  • Customized coaching workbook filled with tips and best practices
  • The ultimate eCommerce launch checklist
  • Recordings or your sessions you can refer back to at any time

Since we work with you one-on-one we only take on a very select number of students for eCommerce Consulting. Space is limited each month, so grab your seat early.

You could DIY and tinker with your shop for months on your own or you can accelerate your growth with our expert support.

Melissa Hogan

Senior Web Developer

Melissa Hogan

Who are our eCommerce Consultants?

Newfound eCommerce Consulting is created and led by our web team of Melissa Hogan and Aprille Balsom.

Melissa has been designing and building websites since 1998 (psst…that’s almost as long as Amazon has existed and longer than Google). She’s seen eCommerce grow from something only startups with big teams and lots of money could have to something accessible to everyone with a business idea. She’s a whiz at organizing content into usable pathways that turn browsers into buyers and make maintaining your shop a breeze.

Aprille has a background in fashion and retail but has pivoted in recent years to web design and development, which makes her a perfect fit to guide you through setting up an eCommerce storefront. She combines creativity with code to bring your ideas to life through beautiful and accessible web applications that work for your business.

Web Developer

Aprille Balsom

This program is for you if…

  • You want to get started but you have no clue where to begin, what to spend your money on, how to market yourself, or where to START.

  • Going all in on eCommerce is the next step in your business journey

  • You have an online store already but want to grow your revenue and grow your business

  • You’re ready to move beyond selling through Facebook and Instagram DMs

  • Want to spend your time on your products and not on your website

If you want to use an online shop to connect, sell, and make a profit, then YES, this program is for you!

Our students are people looking to set up or optimize shops in a number of different areas: clothing, skincare, collectibles, pet supplies, branded merch, digital products, and even print-on-demand. If you can sell it online, we can help you make it a reality.

If you don’t already have a high-converting, profitable shop that’s a dream to manage, then eCommerce Consulting will transform your website, your business, and your life.

How we’ll help as your eCommerce Success Consultant

There are so many online courses out there that are full of fluff it can be hard to know which ones are really worth the money. Take a look at how we can work together to take your shop from sale to scale!

We’re going to work with you to lay down a solid foundation for your shop. We’ll review your existing store see where you are. We’re going to make sure that you get all the fundamentals right so that you don’t need to worry about them again. Topics covered can include:

  • How to select and customize a theme
  • All about apps, which ones are useful and which you don’t need
  • Get a handle on shipping options
  • Setting up guest checkouts to boost conversions
  • How to handle and charge taxes
  • Choosing the best payment methods for your business
  • Setting up the static pages that lead to a successful shop

Almost as important as deciding what you’re going to sell if making sure that your customers can find it on your shop. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the best organization for your products. Topics covered can include:

  • How to categorize your products for optimal discoverability
  • Getting familiar with product types
  • Learning which method of adding your products to your site is best for you
  • How to write compelling product descriptions and what to look for in product photography
  • How to use product tags to your best advantage
  • Understanding product variants

We’re going to teach you how to keep your eCommerce store happy and healthy. Topics can include:

  • Order management for happy customers
  • Inventory management that won’t drive you crazy
  • How to use discounts, coupons, and gift cards
  • Customizing your notification emails to keep your brand voice consistent
  • Understanding Shopify reports

We’ll help you create a plan to gather momentum and grow your sales. Topics can include:

  • Connecting your domain and launching
  • Connecting Google Analytics
  • Setting up reviews for social proof
  • How to use Shopify’s built-in email list to encourage sales
  • Set up abandoned cart emails to tempt shoppers on the fence
  • SEO 101 to set you up to be found in Google searches

Have a particular problem you’re trying to solve? We can take a deep dive on whatever challenge you’re currently facing. Areas may include:

  • How to choose the right products
  • Writing and search engine optimization
  • How to encourage repeat business
  • How to sell to new online audiences
  • We can also pair you with one of our digital marketing coaches to keep the momentum going for continued business growth

Sounds Great!

How much does eCommerce Consulting cost?

We wanted to build a support sytem that was accessible to entrepreneurs in any stage of their business, from beginners with a dream to an experienced shop owner who’s ready for more profits and less work.

The investment for personalized one-on-one eCommerce Consulting is $150 per 60-min session.

Seats are very limited so grab yours today.

Want to talk it out first?