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Want to create a video marketing strategy on a budget? Here are some important things to keep in mind when starting out with video marketing.

If there’s one thing that has been dominating the digital marketing discourse lately, it’s been video, whether it’s Instagram extending to 60-second clips, introducing IGTV, YouTube being the second-biggest search engine on the web, or simply the explosion of live video in 2016. It looks like video is, and will continue to be, more relevant than ever. According to SupplyGem, Video Will Have an 83.1% Penetration Rate in the US in 2021.

Video marketing can be used effectively for brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement. It can take the form of staff videos on a website, a highly produced commercial on Facebook, or an interactive online advertisement. As a way to relay information to potential customers, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of video marketing.

Want to create a video marketing strategy on a budget? Here’s where to start…


Depending on the quality you are looking for, you can start with the phone in your pocket. Most of the YouTubers that are big today started with a lot less than that.

Should you shoot vertical or horizontal? Well, that depends on your purpose. If you are looking to use your video for Snapchat and/or Instagram Stories, vertical is the best. However, if you want to repurpose the content into a video editing software and upload it as a social post later, horizontal allows the natural rectangle for 1080p HD videos.

Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are a great way of bringing your video marketing to the next level with more options for production, better picture quality, and more control. You can pick up tripods, monopods, Gorilla Pods, and selfie sticks for a fairly reasonable price to enhance your composition options. Or, if your budget allows, you can also hire a videographer to shoot for you.


One of the biggest things beginner video marketers forget about is sound! Whether it’s a hand over the mic, wind in the background, or relying on the subpar onboard microphone, poor sound quality can turn away a lot of potential viewers. An external mic on any DSLR camera is a must as many of the default setups are fairly poor. A popular choice for many vloggers and other video creators is the RodeMic Go and Pro. Another popular option is a lapel or lavalier microphone, some of which plug straight into your phone for around $25-$75.


The three most popular video editing software for video marketing are iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Elements & Premiere Pro.


Free and included with any Mac computer, iMovie is a basic but effective application that can be used for a variety of purposes including family videos or simple business videos. It’s easy-to-use editing software that is equipped with basic functions such as crop, trim, rotate, detach audio, video effects, and transitions. It’s often described as the best ‘free’ editing software. Unlike other software, iMovie does not support easy multi-cam/audio editing and many other advanced options are missing.

Don’t forget that for simple editing jobs, iMovie has an application on iOS. Perfect for creating an Instagram Story with a bit more production value.

Final Cut Pro

While also being developed by Apple, Final Cut Pro is an immediate upgrade from iMovie. Some of the key differences between the two include multi-camera/audio editing, ProRes422, and much more complex colour correction than anything seen on iMovie. With more options for video effects, title animations, audio presets, and an option to create a common video source to share with a team member, Final Cut Pro is much better for those experienced video marketers.

Adobe Elements & Premiere Pro

Time to step outside of the Apple family and over to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Elements & Premiere Pro are two of the Adobe video editing applications. Elements is aimed at beginners with options such as simple clip organization, editing and auto-movie generation options. Premiere Pro, in our opinion, is the best editing software for video marketers. Premiere Pro gives you the option to have advanced colour grading right in the application without having to export to other software such as Adobe After Effects. The Lumetri colour panel allows a massive amount of customization to the look and feel of your video. Finally, it offers easy-to-use multi-video and audio editing which are extremely helpful jumping from iMovie where this option is unavailable. 


Last, but not least, is lighting. Bad lighting is similar to bad audio in that it can leave your viewers with a negative impression about your videos regardless of how good the content. There are various options when it comes to lighting, whether it’s natural light from a window, an external light that you can attach to your DSLR or phone, or you can even find many different options of softbox and ring lights kits on Amazon or at your local camera shop.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when starting out with video marketing. If you need any help with your planning or execution, you can always take advantage of our affordable video marketing services.