Newfound Marketing would like to welcome Matt Murley to the team as our new Copywriter.

He was born in Corner Brook but raised on the internet. He likes his small town roots but also the potential that the web provides. The potential to learn new things, to meet new people, and to create opportunities.

Matt developed an interest in writing as he wrote a newspaper column throughout junior high and high school. He considered a career in journalism but decided to try his hand at website development first. It turned out that he didn’t like designing websites as much as writing all the content for them so he decided to focus on that instead.

Doing so lead him down a path of content creation for social media which meant developing other creative skills like photography and videography.

In his off-hours, Matt enjoys watching TV & movies, socializing with friends, and creating YouTube videos. At some point, you’ll probably see him running around downtown St. John’s with a video camera.

As we like to say around the office, “Matt’s good with the words.”

If you’d like to elevate your business’ marketing position, get in touch to learn about our new capabilities.