The HVAC industry is aggressively competitive, and businesses are constantly looking for progressive ways to generate more leads. This includes building, maintaining, and optimizing their websites to help turn potential customers into paying clients.

If you already have a functional website for your HVAC business, you’re on the right track. However, as numerous as the benefits of a website are for HVAC businesses, it is even more vital that you take time to critically assess your website to see if it is time for an upgrade. If you had your website designed and running several years ago, there’s a high chance that it has become redundant and no longer delivers satisfactory results.

So, how do you know when it’s time to redesign your website, and what are the benefits of creating a new website for your HVAC business?

How To Know That It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

Although there is no set rule about how long a website should last, there are certain indicators for knowing when it’s time for a revamp. Some of them are:

The Website Looks Outdated

When it comes to digital marketing, looks do matter. Regarding your HVAC business website, you should not only focus on seamless functionality but on it having a fresh, modern look. Technically, if your website is older than 5 years, there’s a high chance that it needs a makeover. With constant advances in technology, Google ranking methods, digital marketing trends, and best practices, it is safe to assume that your website needs an overhaul.

It Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Also, Google now bases its rankings on mobile traffic rather than desktop. This means that if you want your website to be more visible to customers, it needs to be mobile-friendly. It also makes it easier for your clients to find you. And when they do, you need to ensure that they have an excellent mobile experience on your website. What is the easiest way to do this? Redesign your website or build a new one from scratch and make it mobile-friendly.

Poor User Experience

The best websites are those that are easy to use and offer engaging visual and intellectual content to users. If your website is tricky to navigate, it is time to redesign it. Improving user experience on an existing website is easy. However, it is often best to build a new one from scratch to ensure that each feature is optimized and users can enjoy a modern, fast, and engaging experience.

Low Traffic, Leads, and Conversions

If you have noticed a significant drop in your website traffic, leads, and conversions, it is time to think about a redesign. A steady drop in numbers over time means that your visitors are not getting what they need from your website. Revamping, redesigning, and optimizing your website is a great way to attract new visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Your Competitors Have Better Websites

We do not endorse following the crowd blindly. However, if your direct competitors have websites that look and perform way better than yours, it’s time to upgrade. You need to ensure that your website’s look and functions are not driving your customers away and into the arms of competitors. So, take action now and propel your business to the front row.

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What Are the Benefits of Creating a New Website for Your HVAC Business?

Improved Web Security

Recent improvements to web security mean your website will not be easily accessible to hackers. Older websites do not have this level of security, and you risk losing your HVAC website to malicious attacks. Also, there are various plugins available now that can help further enhance the safety of your website.

Optimized Mobile Friendliness

Most websites that were built about 3 to 5 years ago are typically not so mobile-friendly. Since more than half of web traffic comes from mobile, you can’t afford not to optimize your website for mobile users. With a new website, it’ll be easy for mobile visitors to navigate, and you won’t lose them to competitors.

Faster Speed

Your website’s load time and navigating speed are key factors that keep visitors on your page and help convert them to paying customers. Visitors will most likely leave when your website takes longer to load, increasing your bounce rate. With a new, faster, more modern HVAC website, you can record more success on your website lead generation efforts.

More Modern Interface

How your website looks and feels is very important. An analog-looking or outdated interface type of website will definitely put visitors off and make them lose interest fast. They may even doubt the existence of your business and the quality of your service. With a new website, you can upgrade the look and feel and further improve your HVAC company’s credibility.

But how exactly does a website generate business and increase revenue for your HVAC company?

4 Ways Your Website Can Increase Revenue for Your HVAC Company

It Acts as a Virtual Salesperson

Your HVAC website gives visitors important details about your products and services. It also shares work processes and business features, letting them see the benefits of engaging your services. This information helps visitors make informed decisions so that when they do contact you, they’re ready to close the deal.

It Helps Attract New Customers

A user-friendly, mobile-friendly, optimized website is an excellent tool for attracting new customers. This is because the majority of your potential customers will turn to search engines to look for services that can provide the solutions they need. An up-to-date website will make you visible and accessible to your target audience and can easily turn them into paying customers.

It Helps You Stand Out from Competitors

Branding your website and all other online marketing channels makes it easily identifiable to customers who are already familiar with your brand. Using creative visuals, a unique logo, brand font, and brand color, you can help visitors create positive associations with your business and not confuse you for your competitors. For instance, although they sell similar products, it is almost impossible to confuse the Coca-Cola brand with Pepsi brand.

Helps Create Top Of Mind Awareness

Like a billboard, a great website will help you stay in front of your customers. With content marketing, regularly sharing helpful tips and educative information on your blog will keep your business top-of-mind and position you as an industry expert. You can also use email marketing to keep your clients updated on product info, service specialties, offers and discounts, and other exciting information. Creating a monthly email newsletter with a rundown of all blog titles is a great idea for driving website and blog traffic. This low-cost and effective marketing strategy will keep you at the top of your customer’s minds.

Now, how do you make sure that your redesigned HVAC website actually converts?

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How To Increase Your HVAC Website’s Conversion Rate

To ensure a great ROI, your HVAC website must be built to convert. This means that a good number of website visitors need to complete a desired action on your website. This action could be making a purchase, scheduling a HVAC system diagnosis, or filling out a contact form. Ideally, you should aim for a 2-5% conversion rate. So, if your website has 1,000 visitors in a month, you should get up to 20-50 calls or conversions per month.

Some ways to increase your website’s conversion rate are:

  • Leveraging Social Proof – Social proof, such as reviews and videos of you and your team at work, go a long way in convincing website visitors to trust your business. Make sure to include a review section on your website to help influence your customer’s buying decisions.
  • Catchy CTAs – Your call-to-action determines whether a visitor will take action or leave your website. Your CTA should be visible and placed generously around the landing page. This helps visitors easily access it no matter what part of the website they’re on. You could use a “Request a Quote” button or ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Add a Pop-Up – Pop-ups automatically give you a higher conversion rate. But, they have to be done right to avoid irritating your visitors. Some quick tips for your HVAC website pop-up are:
    • Make it easy to close
    • Add a 30-second delay timer to make it go away by itself
    • Use a cookie to make it only appear once for each visitor
    • Try different pop-up offers till you find one that works for your target audience.
  • Use Short Forms – If you’ve ever filled out an online form, you know how exhausting it can be. To avoid scaring away potential customers, use forms with few required fields. Only include questions that are absolutely necessary.
  • Add a Live Chat Feature – This will enable you to offer real-time help to your visitors. Like pop-ups, chat tools can easily be added to your HVAC website and help add that human element to your customers’ experience.

Making changes to your website can be difficult. However, when you weigh the benefits of redesigning your website against the drawbacks of using your existing website, you’ll see that it is time to take that leap. If you are still skeptical about designing an entirely new website, you can choose to start small. Make smaller changes such as adding a blog, changing your home page, rewriting your product or service description, and updating your rates or contact info. Of course, if your website is built on an outdated platform or a platform that is difficult to use, you will need to build a new website using a modern, intuitive content management system (CMS).

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