Hillside Cottages

Cozy and colourful cottages in the heart of the Baccalieu Trail. Fully-equipped cottages. Beautiful scenery. Hillside Cottages and Roaches Line RV Park are ideal for day trips all over the eastern part of the island, with the same fresh and clean bed to come back to.

The Challenge

The existing website was outdated and didn‘t reflect the cottages available. The owner didn‘t have access to make edits and had lost contact with the original developer. The site needed to be optimized for mobile viewing and needed to better reflect the colourful nature of the cottages and campground. We also needed to install Google Analytics and set up basic SEO.

The Solution

We created a new, responsive website using WordPress. The new site is clean, and modern, and allows room to expand and add more cottages. We created the site using a framework that would allow the owner to be able to manage their own updates going forward. Since each cottage is painted a bright colour we carried that through on the website with each page having a unique feature colour.

The Results

Hillside Cottages is now able to add, remove, or update any cottage or camper they have available. The site now integrates with their booking platform, making it simple for visitors to research and book on any device.

We‘ve also added an area guide highlighting other local businesses to help visitors plan their vacation in the region. This content will also help them be found in Google by trip researchers.

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Hillside Cottages

Project Details

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