Renaissance Energy

Renaissance Energy is a cutting-edge consulting firm bringing new energy to climate action. They pride themselves on being a driving force for low-carbon resilient solutions to achieve net zero and a sustainable future.

The Challenge

As a new company, Renaissance Energy needed a web presence created from scratch. The company would combine their team members’ extensive industry experience to form a new company focused on sustainable energy. They needed a place to showcase their previous project and expertise as well as to speak to the industries they would be working in and address their needs.

While the site would mainly be a showcase of their past work, the team, and their capabilities, we still wanted to build it in a way that would help them be found in search as well.

The Solution

We designed the site to be mobile-friendly, have a visual impact, and make it clear at a glance what Renaissance Energy was about. We built the site on WordPress so that it could change and grow easily along with the company. We worked with our branding partner to help the company formalize its logo and brand guidelines. We then used this to guide our design choices. The site includes calls to action and lead generation forms to capture any interest from visitors and highlights past projects the team members have been involved in.

The Results

Renaissance Energy now has a website that showcases their past work and current capabilities that they are happy to use as a calling card and marketing tool while building their new business.

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Renaissance Energy